Your Information Security

We promise to protect your personal and credit card information with the highest level of data privacy and security.

We understand that you're concerned about the security and privacy of online transactions. Nowadays, there's so much coverage of online fraud and identity theft that we realize we have to earn your trust on a daily basis.

Is my credit card handled securely ?

Yes .. your credit card information will be transfered on a secure connection to the trusted company ( 2CheckOut.Com ) who handles the payment. They will be the only one who knows your credit card ( Not even I will know it ).

All order pages where you submit confidential information are secure, protected with 128bit SSL encryption.

You'll know when you enter this area because the small yellow padlock appears in the bottom right hand corner of your browser.

The other indication is in the address bar. When you enter the secure area of the site, the background of the address bar will turn dark yellow. You'll also notice that http:// is replaced by https:// (the 's' standing for 'Secure').

You will receive an email receipt immediately after placing any order.


You will receive information electronically immediately after ordering!

You will be able to download the product immediately after ordering!


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